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Bubble Gum & Booty

Bubble gum and booty. Oh yeah, remember the girls in the club chewing on their gum and bumpin’ their booty all sexy like as if to insinuate that she’s a bad girl who wants you in the bedroom? Kind of like in the movies “Grease” and Pretty Woman, those ladies all use their sexy bubble popping styles as part of their methods of seduction. It can definitely be used as a sexy and flirty tool when done right! (more…)

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World Wetlands Day – AKA Squirting Day

Feb 2 is World Wetlands Day, a day to help raise awareness about the importance and value of wetlands. Well at the DDF Network we certainly agree, but in a wetlands of a whole new dimension, a squirting dimension that is! So to do our part in helping to raise awareness, we’d like to highlight some of our favorite squirting scenes to help your minds and cocks appreciate its value to a cumload degree! (more…)

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