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Girls in Glasses That’ll Leave You Gooey

What is it about a girl in glasses that really lifts our levers?!

Could be something to do with the sexy schoolgirl look glasses imply? Or is it because these babes remind us of a secretary at work we’d secretly love to bang? Or perhaps the naughty librarian we tried to sneak up on as a kid as she was putting books away on the top shelf in hopes of getting glimpses up her skirt, giving us a stiffy at school?! These are just a few of the fantasies that come to mind as to why a four eyed beauty makes our one eyed trouser snake want to come out and play! (more…)

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Look Out! Redheaded Bombshells In Coming!

From Rita Hayworth, Jessica Rabbit, Lindsay Lohan, Julianne Moore, Ginger from Gilligan’s Island, to Ginger Spice the list of redhead bombshells goes on and on. Whether you’re two-dimensional or three, a pre-teen or senior, a classic movie or pop music lover, you’re bound to have rubbed one out in honor of these fiery hair colored goddesses. So what is it about redheads that get men going? (more…)

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