Busty Constance Shower Masturbation


After my last post featuring Constance Devil with cum all over her face and tits it makes sense that I follow up with Constance washing her big boobs (and the rest of her sexy body) in a shower. She looks like a pinup model from the fifties as she takes off her towel in preparation for her shower. She gets her boobs nice and clean rinsing, soaping, rubbing and squeezing them. Constance has some toys in her shower. She rubs a massager over her big wet tits and worked her way down lower. By the time she gets done with that she’s ready for a dildo. She has a great big one which she sucks like it was a massive cock. Then she lubes the phallus up and stuffs it into her hot pussy fucking herself good. Yep, this is another DDFBusty solo girl masturbation masterpiece!

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