4th of July Camping with Eve Angel!

That’s Right! The insatiable and completely edible Eve Angel goes camping Solo on the 4th of July! Yeah Right–We know there is a whole crew of party people on the other side of that lens just waiting for the set to finish so they can frolic around in the woods with Ms. Angel. No ones fooling us, but it’s a nice little thought isn’t it?

Your trying to get all Zen with yourself, making a trek into the mountains, just looking for a nice serene spot to campout. Then you stumble across Eve cooking smores over an open fire—topless, and her eyes penetrate your soul with complete horniness.

Dreamscape extraordinaire coupled with fireworks going off in your pants! Enjoy. And Happy Independence Day to to all you U.S.A. DDF Fans out there!

Sometimes I like to go camping alone, way out in the woods, where I can get naked and pleasure myself in private. But this time, I’m taking you along with me so you can see how much fun camping solo can be! As the sun comes up over the mountains, it gets nice and warm in the tent, and my body begins to heat up slowly. My cotton panties get wet from my juices even before I touch my beautifully trimmed pussy!  I  masturbate myself under my  shorts to find my fingers soaking wet, testament to just how horny I am! And then I really go off on myself, rubbing my firm tits, fingering my pretty pink pussy every which way possible, and you get to see each angle as close-up as if you’re right there with me. Go camping with me, and you’ll never enjoy camping the same way ever again, I promise!

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