Brook just loves those titties!


It’s a meeting of the mammaries as Britney and Brook Scott play around together. The combined breast-power of blonde Britney’s 38Ds and Brook’s 34DDD/Es makes for a sizzling combo as the girls explore each other’s cleavage and then get down to the heavy-duty tit-sucking.

Blue-eyed raven-tressed Miss Scott really gets a fantastic helping of humongous hooters as she tweaks and pulls Brit’s nipples and then takes them worshipfully into her mouth. Brook really can’t get enough of those amazing boobs, hefting them in her hands as she kneels in front of Britney and savors the nipples.

Soon Brook lays down on the couch so that Britney can play with her pussy. But Brook continues to slurp on that lovely rack, which hangs over her face. Then Britney squats over Brook’s mouth so she can get a little attention paid to her pussy as well.

But turnabout is fair play and Britney soon kneels on the floor on a pillow so she can eat her partner’s snatch as well. It all winds up with some sixty-nine on the couch, and Brook leaning over Britney to feed her tits into the blonde’s mouth. But it’s clear that Brook just can’t stay away from Britney’s nipples; and as the set winds down, she’s back to sucking on the blonde’s magnificent rack!



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