A Melon For Masturbation!

Newcomer Beata Undine returns from shopping, carrying a bagful of healthful fruit: bananas, apples, and watermelon.

She cuts off a piece of melon, then rubs it over her titties under her skimpy top.

Lifting her blue denim miniskirt so she has easier access to her flower print panties, Beata then gets on the table, sticks her ass in the air, and munches on more melon while we get to imagine munching on her moons.

Tugging aside her panties, she reveals her pussy in all its flowery splendor, then lays back on the table and masturbates herself while rubbing melon on her naked boobies.

Grabbing a hunk of melon, she laughs as she crumbles it over her pale skin, so that the juices and seeds fall along her trim tummy.

Then she rubs the melon into her crotch even as she eats some of it.

Beata crams her sticky fingers into her hole and spreads the juice all over her pert knockers. This is best way to eat watermelon that we’ve ever seen!


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