Alex: Long Toes For Long Loads!


In our featured spotlight on Thursday 1/13/11 is a Best of HLF set starring punky Alex. She teases us in her white and pink cotton panties, pink tank top, and white and pink sneaker socks. Young Alex looks like she doesn’t take bullshit from guys. She reveals her shaved pussy between those long thighs and, boy, it’s a dark cave in there. Alex peels off her socks and shows her slender size sevens. She sniffs those socks to taunt us with their aromas, and then she sticks her feet in our faces. We see every ridge and wrinkle as she flexes those soft soles. Alex has extremely high arches and it looks as if her feet have been very pampered by a lucky slave, maybe some emo college boy she totally took under her thumb. Or an older dude she kept dangling on a psychological puppet string! Alex sucks her toes as her cool expression tells us to stroke our cocks.

Soon she brings out a big pink motherfuckingly long dildo. After prepping it with her mouth, she…

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