Alexa & Brandi are addicted to each other’s feet!

Alexa & Brandy Smile

Hot babes Alexa & Brandy have been longtime friends. They share everything together and recently they started sharing alot more…

Alexa & Brandy Smile

Alexa’s been having a secret crush on Brandy since she recently turned 19. They went out to a club all dressed up in the hottest clothes and she couldn’t help notice how hot Brandy was and she got all wet just thinking about her all night at the club. She couldn’t stop looking at her sexy legs and feet. Brandy didn’t notice at first but after a few drinks she started to warm up to Alexa’s gleeming “let’s fuck” look in her eyes…

Alexa & Brandy Smile

Brandy started getting all wet thinking that her best friend wanted her so much. They quickly pushed off the boys from the club and headed back to Brandy’s condo for a night they won’t soon forget. By the time they got home, Alexa’s horny thoughts about Brandy’s legs and feet were too much to handle and she quickly grabbed her heels and starting to lick, suck and worship every little part of her feet, toes and up and down her legs. Alexa twisted and turned her body in ways Brandy could only dream of. Alexa started masturbating while sucking off Brandy’s hot toes… 😉

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