Amabella Improvises For An Orgasm!


In today’s difficult economy, secretaries must make do with less in the way of supplies, and use their ingenuity to accomplish tasks that formerly required more equipment. Case in point, Amabella on Wednesday 2/23/11, who finds that when she wants to masturbate during a lull at her secretarial job, her employers have only provided her with one dildo! Damn this recession!! But our resourceful and horny heroine will rely on her improvisatory skills once she’s crammed the company vibrator up her moist pink snatch. Whatever will she use to satisfy the itch in her asshole? Wait, there’s that nice pen that she always gives to the clients when they have to sign contracts for her boss! That should fit nicely up her bungie! Yep, it sure does! Since her boss is not around this morning, Amabella also has the luxury of getting completely naked to get off, and so we see her pretty bare feet too as she twitches and…

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