Amazing Russian newcomer Gretta on 1By-Day!

Wow! Another new face this week on 1By-Day, Gretta on Thursday 11/11/10, boasts one of the sexiest torsos horny ole Uncle Irv has seen for awhile. The white halter and the hip-hugging lacy panties really showcase this brunette’s excitingly flat tummy and the erotic curves of her hips. Whew. Here’s another set of pictures that pulls out a load from a man’s balls before he even gets to the nudity! But then, when Gretta finally takes off her top, we see two absolutely luscious firm breasts with pale nipples that belong in MY MOUTH NOW!! (Sob! I’m such a baby when I don’t get a daily dose of tittie!) The set continues with Gretta sliding off her panties, displaying a shaved pussy which she then stuffs with her fingers while staring into our masturbating souls with her clear, hauntingly blue eyes. She also leaves on her white ankle socks throughout, which show off the lovely arches of her feet and make the proceedings even hotter… dear DDFBlog reader, you must see this!

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