An Inspiring New Sensation At DDFBusty – Kelley Scarlett!

We have a new babe at DDFBusty called Kelley Scarlett, we simply must show her on DDF Blog too!

Let me show you what colleague Irv O. Neil had to say about her in this week’s newsletter!

Did you ever see the 1963 movie Jason and the Argonauts? The one where ancient Greek warriors fight living skeletons? There was an actress in it named Nancy Kovack, who played the exotic priestess Medea, who helps the Greek hero to find the fabled Golden Fleece. Our model for Monday 9/27/10, new face Kelley Scarlett, has a similar look–sultry black hair, teasing dark eyes, seductive lips–except for the fact that her tits look about three times bigger than Miss Kovack’s ever were! But I couldn’t get over how much these two women look alike face-wise.”

Read more in this week’s DDF Busty newsletter!

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