Backstage with Latex Lucy

This Friday was another epic day at DDF which made me really think hard about my current situation. What a RIDICULOUSLY awesome job! Stellar team to work with indeed. From the CEO Denys Defrancesco himself, to his team of highly skilled photographers and videographers, The studio team, our Make-up artist, Graphics and IT team, writers, and everyone in between. Just a rockin group of people. As I dive deeper into the individual interviews, backstage sets, and candid moments at DDF, I think you will see exactly what I mean. And I’m really finding that quite a few of the actors and actresses are quite the cool cats as well!

Today for Instance, we had the incredibly gifted Latex Lucy in the studio. She’s a rubber fetish model from London, United Kingdom, and she RULES it! I had written some stories about Lucy’s sets in the past, and it was honestly the first time I had ever really experienced this kind of fetish, in any way, shape, or form. I always imagined it to be very Techno, and Industrial, which is cool in and of itself as well, but the stuff can be damn sexy too! From the videos and photos I could tell there was a sort of magic about her, but meeting her in person was a whole other ball game. She was so classy, and cool, and let me tell you, that body of hers is an ABSOLUTE masterpiece. Chiseled to perfection. I couldn’t help but get turned on just standing next to her. Yep, I had a stiffy within like 5 seconds of being in the room with her while she was changing into her rubber attire, freakin righteous.

The suits are fantastic. They have a unique rubbery smell to them that actually invokes a sort of carnal passion and the feel of them is very erotic. We spoke candidly about her career and life, and I’ll be featuring that in an interview segment coming soon. One small tidbit I found out was that Lucy’s costumes are made completely by hand! No wonder they fit so perfectly.  And when she poses for the camera with her rubber suits donned, her persona transforms  into magnetic sex appeal at an uber level . Two thumbs up for this babe, check out her  site Rubber-Passion below to find out more about Latex Lucy–and Members can find her hot sets on our sites linked below as well. Fetish all the way baby!  – Ace ddf




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