Big Boob Lesbian Billiards With Michelle Monaghan and Chintia Flowers


Michelle Monaghan and Chintia Flowers both look absolutely sexy in their  new billiards video. Both the blond and the brunette are sporting short skirts and corsets. Their big tits bulge out of the top of the corsets giving us a good look at their jiggly boob flesh and their deep cleavages.

They get sidetracked from their pool game, each busty babe eyeing the other, thinking about how sexy they looked. After a while they were fondling each others breasts. They took each others boobs out to play with and to suck on.

They strip each other down until both sexy women are completely naked. They rub their soft, voluptuous bodies against each other, enjoying the pleasure of having their big tits mashed together. Michelle and Chintia get kinky with some of the items in the billiards lounge. They use a pool stick to rub against each others boobs and to tit fuck like it was a big cock. They use pool balls to lick and suck on. They do more hot and dirty things on that pool table than you can imagine! You can get an idea of the kind of sexual frenzy these girls create together from the following previews.


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