Blanche and Yasmine Gold-Coat Those Soles!


There are yet more adventures with “feets and sweets” this week when Yasmine Gold and Blanche encounter each other in an office. Blanche’s feet need a massage, and she gets Yasmine to put aside her work to administer a soothing rub. Yasmine proves well up to the task, and the DDF cameras capture Miss Gold nibbling, sucking, licking, kissing, and sniffing Blanche’s feet. Say, those are all the things I would have done, if Blanche had only asked ME!

While Blanche enjoys the foot service, she munches on some powdery white candy balls. Meanwhile Yasmine gets into the nude spirit of things and takes off her clothes so that she can receive a little foot adoration as well. Soon that candy finds its way into the scenario as Blanche crushes it under her soles and smudges it over Yasmine’s tootsies and twat. The girls become quite messy as they coat their soles with the crumbly confection, which makes their…

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