Britney’s Foot Worship Chamber!


On Thursday 4/14/11, check out Britney in a Best of HLF classic that has her sitting on an elegant chair in a room covered with pink tile. That’s the entire setting, with no other furniture–almost as if it’s a chamber designed expressly for the worship of this blonde‘s beautiful legs and feet.

Britney stands before us in a little pink dress and strappy heels that show off her feet. We get lots of low angle views that display her long legs to best advantage. She then takes off her dress and tugs aside her exceptionally pretty lace panties, which have an unusual design: embroidered hearts against a background of ladies’ lingerie on a clothing line–corsets and high-waisted panties and bras fluttering in the breeze! An inventive porn writer could come up with a whole story just about those panties. Anyway, Britney fingers her pussy for awhile, then takes down the panties and undoes the ankle straps of her shoes so she can tempt us with her bare…

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