Casting beautiful brunette Nicole

Fresh is fantastic! That is why we are keen on looking for new faces and … well, not only faces, of course 😉 The process of selecting new models is an exciting experience, for the girls and for us as well. We examine the girl’s “suitability”, her look, her character, her courage, and – above all – her lust. To be beautiful is just not enough, beauty is nothing without the aura of loving and desiring sex! That is the first thing to make sure of: to see if the girl has the power of seduction in her eyes, in her smile, in her behaviour. We don’t want to bring you the beautiful – you can see them everywhere. We want to bring you the hot, the horny, the lusty, the wild, the seductive, the slutry who are beautiful at the same time. Be part of this experience of seeking on 1By-Day, and let us share with you the moment of finding a diamond…

One of them is Nicole, the 25-year old beautiful slim brunette, who has all the characteristics to be a porn star. She was a naughty little girl, frequently touching herself since she was 14… She grew hornier and hornier, and a few years later, becoming 17, she secretly got a vibro and tried it with excitement. Soon after that, at the same year she didn’t resist a boy’s continuous seduction so she let herself be taken to bed, which eventually was in a cheap hotel, for they had no other place to go. She was full of expectations, maybe that was the reason that she didn’t enjoy it too much – or maybe the lucky bastard was not patient enough. But the hot-blooded Nicole didn’t give up of course, despite the unsuccessful first one many other wet attempts followed. One year later, still at the same motel, the place was filled by her joyful loud high-pitched scream as she had her first orgasm! From then on, when it comes to sex there is no stop for her. She became an expert sexmachine, being fond of the feeling of getting a cock or two in her holes. Sometimes she even squirts of joy during her climax – no wonder her boyfriend loves that:-) She also loves long foreplays, she gets so horny during them that her eyes become misty and she just moans with desire for a dick, which she squeezes strongly with her wet and tight pussy… However, she prefers cocks maximum of 18 cm, because bigger penises hurt her tense vagina. During foreplays sometimes she watches some quality porn that turns her on. After that she takes off her favourite slutry lingeries of satin and lace and gets down to sex – often in her favourite cowgirl position!

Check out Nicole’s first moments in front of our cameras in today’s 1By-Day casting set, and see why we have chosen her to be one of our diamonds…

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