Domino’s Lactation Video!


As you may or may not know Domino hasn’t been as active in making porn for a while because she has been pregnant. When I first found out that the exotic babe was having a baby I wondered what her already big tits would look like when they were swollen with milk. I wondered if there would be videos of Domino spurting milk out of her huge boobs.

Well, now my questions have been answered. Domino is back in full force and her milky mammaries are looking awesome! She is also treating us to an erotic lactation video.

Domino looks absolutely fabulous in her silky, lacy lingerie. She is just as beautiful as ever and has had no difficulty in going back to her original size. The only noticeable difference is that her delectable tits are a bit bigger and her nipples a little more pronounced.

In the video Domino squeezes her swollen breasts until milk squirts out. We get some amazing close-ups of Domino squeezing and pulling on her nipples, making the hot, sweet liquid flow out. She licks and sucks the milk right from her own tits. This video is a must for all lactation lovers!


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