Drain your Nuts for this Stunner!

Yes Ladies and Gentleman, We CANNOT get enough of Antonia 🙂 I know I featured her here last week, but after seeing this Hungarian Angel’s returning scene, I thought I would indulge yet once again.

Your not mad at me are you? Hmm, I didn’t think so. I can confidently believe that the reply to that was ” FUCK NO–Give us more! ” And that we shall next week with a small Interview with some cut teasers from her scenes.

In the meantime–enjoy a nice set story by Master Porn Scribe Irv O Neil below, as well as some gorgeous photos, compliments of DDF Network.

Come back next week and Enjoy Antonia again as we make it the Antonia Trilogy!

-Ace DDF

Not only is Antonia a work of art as a beautiful woman created by nature, but the bra that she wears in this set is a work of art as well, in the way it magnificently showcases her stunning bosom!

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves…the Hungarian beauty starts out by posing in a pretty dress but quickly shows us the lacy tops of her gartered sheer black stockings. When she parts the front of her frock, we view her gorgeous 34C cleavage in all its splendor propitiously pushed up by her elegant red and black boulder-holder, her most excellent endowment perfectly presented for our awe and enjoyment!

We get to observe her legs and bottom too, but then Antonia takes her tatas out of the cups and begins to lightly flick her nipples with the tips of her red-manicured fingers, making her boobs so incredibly real in our minds, almost as if they’re right in front of our hungry mouths!

And happily Antonia doesn’t stop there, but lays down on the floor and lets us see her shaved pussy between those long curvy gams in their silky stockings…later she takes down her bra and we can see her knockers standing free and firm, ready to rocket us into fantasy after fantasy.

By the time she gets totally nude, holy shit, you probably won’t have a drop of sperm left in your body! But don’t worry, you can always rest up and come back to Antonia again–and again and again! That’s what we did!!!


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