DDFBUSTY – Enjoy Me From Every Possible Angle

Dear DDFBlog readers.. On Friday 9/3/10, DDFBusty members got a chance to enjoy renewing their acquaintance with Rye, who’s appeared in one previous set, a girl-girl with Jasmine Black. Here we see Rye on her own, her green eyes set off by a very tight green blouse that shows you she’s packin’ 36D worth of top-heavy talent. We get a good variety of pleasing angles from Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews, everything from straight-on shots of Rye sitting like your girlfriend on the edge of a couch, fully dressed as if you’re about to take her out on a date; to closer shots and low angles as she unearths her glorious glands and hovers them above our eyes..

Read more in the last DDF Busty newsletter!

View the full set and movie at DDFBusty, also on your mobile!

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