Enter The Goddess!

Holy shit, boys, a new superstar has arrived. Or should we say “goddess”? We predict that Mila L will rocket to the top of your personal horny hit parade after you spend some quality time with her first scene for us.

Some cum-crazed philosophers have said, “It’s the face that you fuck,” and if that’s true, Mila is the proof of the theory. Because even if she hadn’t taken off one stitch of her clothes in this set, we’d still be strokin’…spurtin’…and hurtin’ that she’s not in our bed tonite!!

Yep, Mila’s gorgeous face sets off a million fantasies, and gets the wigglers in our balls restless to spray into the world. Her scene is simplicity itself.

It concentrates on helping us get to know Mila by giving us lots and lots of shots of her looking right into our lusty souls with those arresting eyes and knowing smile.

We gradually get to see her body as she moves aside this bit of her dark outfit, and then that bit, so we can enjoy her stunning pinup girl gams and even her sexy toe cleavage in the fronts of her pretty beige pumps.

When she finally gets down to just her bra and shoes, revealing her big pale nipples and caressing her cunny, well, her grasp on us is firm. Short hairs, meet Mila L! This girl is fucking gorgeous in a deep, and very addictive way!

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