Eve wants to tease

You know that feeling you get the moment you realize your dick is about to get hard as a rock?  That little tingle in your balls right before you can feel the blood vessels in your cock exploding?

One look at Eve Angel and it’s on.  Go ahead.  Take a peek.  You know you can’t keep your hand off your dick now.  Now that you’ve rubbed oil all over her legs to the point where you can see your reflection in them.  You want start fucking straight away.  But she makes you wait and stare at her as she slowly moves those long thick tanned legs and you become hypnotized.   Now she wants you to move closer.  She stands up and pulls her dress up over that smooth round ass and pokes it in your face.  Ohhhhh it feels so good against your cheeks, your forehead, your lips and your tongue as you smack kisses all over it.   You make her lay down with her legs in the air, pussy and ass shining up at you.  Take a whiff….  Oh the sweet smell of lotion, baby oil, perfume and pussy!  It’s yours now.  Lube up and stick it in.  Hot water and lotion works just fine.

You are sportfucking the incredible Eve Angel, one of the hottest babes in the world.  But not long after it begins, it ends.  It’s over.  No more.  If you want to be with her now and for a long, long time… anytime you want her… you need to join a club she’s a member of.  The 1-by-day club. Tons more pictures and long hot video is waiting.

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