Explorations in Nylon!

You’ll want to be here when Dorothy Black and Antonia explore each other in nylon! Dorothy caresses Antonia’s butt through her turquoise minidress, tugging up the hem and running her hands over her shapely stems in patterned pantyhose. The girls are both wearing beautiful high heels and their legs look sensational!

Antonia sits on Dorothy’s lap as the girls get close, then Dorothy licks Antonia’s titties before shifting her focus to her friend’s shoes. Miss Black sucks Antonia’s high beige heels even as she pulls down her hosiery to lick at her size 6.5 feet.

Dorothy sucks Antonia’s red-polished toes through the patterned hosiery, then peruses her pussy too, pulling apart the ass cheeks so we can see the pink center.

Antonia takes off Dorothy’s shoe and the two of them lick the pink heel. Then they get into a foot-69 and enjoy each other’s toes through their nylons. We get lots of shots of the girls sucking on their peds, as well as great views of their pussies and assholes as they crouch on the couch.

Antonia takes down Dorothy’s stockings and sucks on Miss Black’s size 7.5 bare toes, then she explores Dotty’s snatch with her fingers and tongue.

Dorothy returns the favor by rubbing one of her pink heels against Antonia’s quim and sliding the heel into her slit; then as Antonia’s pantyhose come off, Dorothy indulges herself in some bare toe-sucking before taking a few more sucks on her own pink heel! Looks like she’s got a fetish for her own shoes!!

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