Fanny & foot feast!


Two leggy lovelies mix it up when Isla from the United Kingdom meets Katia Dé Lys from Cuba. Katia seems immediately taken with Isla’s tattooed look, her gams shapely on their powder blue peep toe D’Orsay pumps. Katia’s own feet are clad in black high-heeled sandals with complex straps.

The ladies start off kissing their titties and legs, but Katia quickly shifts to taking off Isla’s shoes and sniffing them. Meanwhile, Isla removes one of Katia’s shoes and sucks her toes, doing quite a thorough job of worship with her sexy lips. As Isla enjoys her foot feast, we get great views of Katia’s wrinkled soles. Isla runs her tattooed foot underneath Katia’s gold lamé panty, then she gets down on her hands and knees and worships Katia’s left foot, which is still clad in its shoe.

When this last heel comes off, Isla gloms even further on Katia’s peds, sucking her big toe and rubbing the foot between her tits. But when Isla gets a look at Katia’s amazing derriere, the focus shifts to fanny worship as well as foot adoration, as Isla goes back and forth from kissing and licking Katia’s caboose to her naked soles. Katia thrusts both of her big toes into Isla’s mouth as the set moves to a climax, and afterward the girls blow off some additional steam by playing with a big stuffed dog!



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