FleshLight now available on DDF Sites!

We promised to bring you all the latest in Sex and Technology and showcase it for you here on the DDF Blog when we come across something that really shines through. Well, for all those lonely days and nights, or perhaps just for the thrill of it, we’d like to bring to your attention the “FleshLight” !

Here’s a company that is really on the cutting edge of Male masturbation devices, and we really like what they are doing. Classy, comfortable, and oh so realistic is this Super  Portable Pussy, that you may never leave home again! This coupled with a DDF Network membership could completely satisfy those days in which your baby batter is getting to your brain, but Pamela Handerson has become the same old boring routine. Check these wicked devices out and see a world of difference in your personal –  “Alone time”!

Have a Wife or Girlfriend who has always wanted to partake in your personal time? She can join in on the fun too and actually make the new adventure hands free for you. I think you could totally compare it to when your lady wants to add a dildo or vibrator into the mix. Just check out some ideas for that on  the fleshlight Demo videos. Fun for everyone!

Guys, your prayers have been answered! Fleshlight is here–Check it out!

We Also Have Banners at the Bottom of each DDF Site for when your ready to Step things up–Currently featuring the Euro girls of Fleshlight!

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