Foot Fetish Sex Goddess Nominees Revealed

Battling it out for the title of foxiest feet on DDF are four babes who will no doubt satisfy even the most intense podophilia’s desires.

These ladies have kicked our foot fetish fantasies into overdrive, leaving us yearning to see more of their hot foot fucking and sexy foot stroking skills in action.

Besides worshiping the ground they walk on, we also worship that of which they tread upon the ground with – their gorgeous feet, of course. Whether we’re merely admiring them, or full on obsessing over their peds, these ladies give our penis’ our moneys worth, and more!

The ‘Foot Fetish Sex Goddess’ nominees of 2016 are…Alexa Tomas, Dolly Diore, Nesty, Stella Cox

Alexa Tomas

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You’re likely familiar with the sizzling hot Spanish beauty Alexa Tomas and if not, you’ll surely thank us for introducing you to this fine piece of Latina ass. She is a refined and fit woman who’s flawless feet will leave you wishing you could shove your cock right between her soles and then up into her slit.

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Dolly Diore

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A fiery Hungarian who captivates us with her soles, and her soul is ever enticing, Dolly Diore. If she was a spice, she’d be a habanero pepper. She’s that hot, and her delicate toes and perfectly symmetrical soles make us want to stuff those beautiful tooties of hers right into our mouths and taste the fire!

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We’ve had a fixation with this horny blonde Hungarian’s feet since we first laid eyes upon them. Nesty’s lust worthy arches have caused many men to lose their load watching her slide those beauties up and down a shaft.

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Stella Cox

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A girl who can really work some magic with her long and slender toes is Stella Cox. Her fuckable feet have been seen wrapped around the biggest boners taking the mind of any fellas with a foot fetish beyond fantasy land, and we can’t deny that we’d love to suck every inch of them, from heel to toe.

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