Giovana is One of the Finer Things


Wein Lewis appreciates the finer things in life. A nice house full of luxurious furnishings, a good suit, a good cigar and sexy women. That’s why he enjoys the company of Giovana. She looks very sexy in her lowcut shirt and skimpy mini skirt. Wein likes looking at Giovana’s ample cleavage and her soft, smooth thighs. He likes catching a glimpse of her see through panties as Giovana uncrosses her legs. Wein enjoys a fine cigar and the company of this sexy young brunette.

As you may know, a cigar can be thought of as a phalic symbol. Wein used his to get Giovana feeling horny. He caressed her between the tits with it. He held it like it was his cock and Giovana licked and sucked it as she spread her legs wide. Watching her do this was about all Wein could handle, he had to get his dick sucked.


Giovana was glad to have Weins big cock in her mouth. She licked and sucked on it just like she did earlier with the cigar. She gave him the kind of blowjob a man of Wein’s standards would require. Wein showed his appreciation by dining on Giovana‘s fine ass and pussy.  The sexual connoisuers then proceded to fuck each other all over Wein’s big leather sofa!


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