Girl’s that keep there Panties on?


So I recently came across an article that spurred a little Yin and Yang in my train of thought when it comes down to sexual chemistry, techniques, and the approaches different human beings take when it comes down to bump and grind time.

It’s an article from RedBook ( And Yes, I know it’s a woman’s magazine, No I don’t read it,  ahhhh fuck , okay maybe sometimes I do but only for articles like the one mentioned here ) –

It’s there Top 40 tips from there steamiest articles. Ive decided to put a male perspective on the spin of there female  approach on the topic. We all love Panties, but they look so much better, Off!

Keep your Panties on.   


Back in high school, you probably had rules for how far you’d go: under the shirt, over the pants, and so on. Well, the teenage you was on to something. “It can be pleasurable torture to play with each other over your underwear, teasing and stroking through the fabric,” says sex coach Patti Britton, Ph.D. “You’re building up the anticipation, so when you finally do have skin-on-skin contact, it’ll be that much more explosive and exciting.”

Keep your Panties on?


No way! Take those things off as SOON as possible so we can play with your kitty! Are you kidding me? There is nothing like Blue Balls to ruin a guy’s night. I’m sure the men reading here will agree with me, and ladies if your reading, it’s not that we don’t like foreplay, but after an hour or two of having a raging boner, and your panties still being on, it feels like someone punched us in the family jewels. And then ALL we can think about is getting rid of the baby batter. So that could essentially ruin your night too, because rather then taking it slow and making sweet sweet love to you, our swimmers our sending signals to our brain yelling ” Get us the F#@! outta here or your toast dude!” and we may just have to comply. Explosive and exciting? Not if we explode in our underwear first. Your best bet is to take charge and be in control before any of that occurs. Personally, I like it when a girl pins me down and pulls my cock out before I even know whats happening and goes to town on it. I’m then obliged to give her a comfortable seat while she’s working, a seat right on my face. You see how that goes? Win-Win situation.

Foreplay’s cool, but sometimes you just gotta take control and GET IT! Okay and for guys, that doesn’t pertain to you unless you know the lady is willing–and ladies don’t go out there raping guys either…though I think you could probably get away with it in most cases 😉 That my two cents on keeping Panties on. In a nutshell, Go Commando!


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