Her inspiring oil massage!


Debbie White is here for us in a sensuous solo that shows off her stunning legs both in stockings and in the nude. She poses next to a statue of what looks like a castle guard from the Late Middle Ages. Back in the day, this guy must have stood witness to all the hot princesses and queens going by, and now he gets to be teased by Debbie–just as we are!

013First we enjoy her long legs under her black miniskirt, then she crouches down and shows us her black lace thong. She sits on a trunk and rubs her high heels over the statue’s crotch, then shows us her014-1 size 6 feet through her sandals and stockings. Lifting up her blouse and lowering her skirt, she gives us her bare titties and butt barely covered by the thong, then she takes off the panty and reveals her slit while lifting her right nylon-covered foot to her mouth to lick her own toes.

Debbie sits down on a pillow at the foot of the statue, takes off her stockings, and then pours oil on her body that shimmers as it slides down her fetching flanks. Glistening on her shapely thighs and calves, the oil puddles down on the hardwood floor around her metallic-polished toenails. She rubs the oil on her ass too, then gets on her knees on the trunk and sticks her ass in our faces, while widely splaying her oil-slick toes. We get some great shots of her wrinkled soles and curled toes, which look like perfect inspiration for a big creamy load!


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