Hot brunette Nomi worships Amabella’s feet and then urinates on her feet and licks it off!

Nomi & Amabella

Nomi and Amabella just returned from playing tennis together at their local indoor sports center. They couldn’t believe how much the guys were checking them out during tennis. Amabella even noticed a guy with a hard-on. Nomi and Amabella played for almost 2 hours but Amabella injured her heel while playing. Nomi invited Amabella at her place so she can take care of her.

Nomi & Amabella

When they arrived at Nomi’s, she told Amabella to lie down on the sofa so she could check out her injuries. When she took off her sneakers, she couldn’t help to take a whiff of her worn shoes. “Mmmmm”, these smell nice says Nomi. Nomi beings to unwrap Amabella’s bandages and noticed that her heel was a bit sore. “Does it still hurt”, says Nomi. “Yes it does”, said Amabella. Nomi then gently takes her heel in her hands and starts massaging her feet with her hands and then with her mouth. “What are you doing?!”, says Amabella. “Relax bella”, says Nomi. “I’m going to make it all feel better, just lie down and feel me…” said Nomi. Amabella didn’t know what was going on but she started to get all wet inside her pussy. Nomi started to lick her soles and suck on her toes. “oh god”, says Amabella, “that feels so good…don’t stop…”

Nomi & Amabella

Nomi is also getting so hot sucking off Amabella’s feet and toes that she’s getting an urge to piss all over Amabella’s feet. Without thinking twice about Amabella’s reaction, she drops down her pants and pees on Amabella’s sexy feet. Amabells is shocked to see what is happening but the warm feeling of Nomi’s piss is driving her over the edge. But when Nomi took Amabella’s feet drenches in piss and started licking off her own pee, Amabella came instantly…

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