Hot Lesbian Foot Worship, Toe Suck & Tickling

Mia Stone & Eve Angel Longtime friends Eve Angel & Mia Stone love to worship each other’s legs and feet whenever they can. The sexual tension that they both produce is almost unbearable to watch unless your already dropped on your knees and jacking off… Eve just finished doing some shopping and wanted to show off her new heels to Mia. It didn’t take long for Mia to get all wet and horny for being able to touch and caress Eve’s long sexy legs. “nice shoes”, Mia said. “but there’s something I like even better”, she says. Mia Stone & Eve Angel Mia instantly grabs one of Eve’s legs and starts to lick and suck every part of her legs and feet. The harder she sucked, the more she moaned. mia loved to hear Eve’s moaning sounds. Her tongue was running up from her heal to her toes. At first her tongue moved slowly, enjoying every inch of her sweaty feet, but she began licking faster and faster as she heard her breathing pick up. Eve quickly returns the favor and opens her mouth wide so she can shove both feet into her salivating mouth. Mia couldn’t believe it what Eve was doing and started rubbing herself hard as this was making Mia so fucking horny she just wanted to cum now. Mia Stone & Eve Angel As Mia was about to cum, Eve’s lips sucked hard on Mia’s big toe. Mia let out a loud moan and came in a huge orgasm…after a few mins, they both regain their strength and Eve gently tickles Mia’s cute feet as they relax and enjoy themselves..that is…until Mia takes turn and brings Eve into an earth-shattering toe suck orgasm… 😉 Click here to see the FULL HD movie!

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