Sexy teen Angel Kiss loves to play tennis and show off her hot feet

Angel Kiss

Every year DDF brings in a handful of young interns, mostly female, in late spring/early summertime to ease the workload. They are usually very pretty young recent college graduates. This year was no exception. Angel is 19 years old, 5’7″, 115 pounds with silky black hair, brown eyes and a pinkish pouty mouth with perfect white teeth. She loves to play tennis when she’s not at the office. She said she and her friends were real good, she had been playing since she was five years old. But she hated to practice. Her friends on the tennis team would draw for who they would practice with, and compete against. To keep them motivated and focused, she said the losing girl would have to massage the feet of the winner, and kiss and smell their feet too!!! At first we thought she was kidding, but she said she wasn’t. I then got an instant hard-on! “Do you want to kiss my foot? If you give my foot a kiss, I’ll tell you more” 😉

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