House of Taboo presents: Mistress Suzie and Submissive Sophie.

Suzie DIamond and Sophie is role play lesbian fetish action

Suzie Diamond is out to prove that she can break Sophie aka “Slut” in this installment to the already massive library of pictures and streaming video at House of Taboo.

Check out this sexy, real action as Mistress Diamond puts a pair of weighted clamps to Slut’s nipples and is then flogs her on her legs, pussy and tits. Mistress decides to warm her pet up with the application of a candle whose wax dripped over Slut’s tits and then placed under her pussy. Slut wines and cries through the ordeal and is left to hang and sob. When Mistress returns she has slut tied with her legs back and over her head fully exposing her protruding pussy. Mistress dons a black strap-on dildo and works it into Slut’s pussy. She drives it in hard and rough making Slut moan and whimper. When Mistress tires of using Slut’s pussy she uses her mouth to clean up the dildo, and leaves Slut to rest hogtied.

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