In The Tub With Lisa Sparkle


There is very little that is as hardon inspiring as a nice hot bath with a horny babe. The close contact, the intimacy, the shine of the water on the babe‘s skin are all things that make us want some hardcore action after a minute or so of bathing. This is proven in this steamy video of Lisa Sparkle and Mike Angelo in the tub together.


Mike had to get his hands on Lisa‘s slippery, wet boobs. Her fondled her big tits and the sensasion shot sexual electricity straight to Lisa‘s pussy. She started rubbing her clit. Mike had a huge hard on and Lisa turned around and started sucking his cock. She also put his swollen dick between her boobs and gave Mike a titty fuck. The sexy bathers ended up fucking  like crazy, not being able to get enough of each others wet bodies! In the end Lisa finished Mike off by more slurpy cock sucking. Mike blasted a load all over Lisa‘s tits. Since she was already in the tub she cleaned up right there!

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