Ink Before Pink

What an exotic character Becky Holt is! Check out this hottie from the United Kingdom as she shows off her incredible tattoos outdoors in the sunshine.

Becky wears a retro-style frock that really goes well with her bright red hair, red panties, and black heels with red ribbons.

Then she peels aside her dress to let us ogle her amazing ink, which covers her arms, thighs, part of her back and calves.

The scene gets a little cosmic as Becky picks up a handy skull that just happens to be laying around; then she presses the skull against her tits, proving that you can be dead but still get action! After all, the skull DOES look like it’s smiling when she nuzzles against it!

Becky takes down her panties at the end, but continues to tease us and covers her crotch with her hand–maybe so that we’ll focus on her ink instead of her pink in this visually vibrant new twist on glamour porn.


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