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Danielle Maye on the DDF Network


How long have you been in the Adult industry Danielle, and how did it all begin?

Well I started working with a photographer because I had always wanted to be a glamor model when I was growing up. As I started getting deeper into things though, I realized that there were already too many glamor models, so I though I’d try something different. A friend of mine was already in the industry so I tried it out and haven’t looked back. I’m really enjoying myself, and the freedom to express my sexuality.

Friends and family pretty supportive?

Yes actually they have been very supportive. My family has always advocated that I should do what I love in life, so I’ve been blessed in that sense for sure.

Is there a certain style of  video or photo that you prefer to shoot?

Well I really love doing photo shoots, but they can be quite tiring when your trying to hold a pose for a long time. Videos are another level completely, and I really enjoy working with some of the girls i’ve been with. Teena Lipoldino was amazing to work with. You’ll be seeing our set out on DDF really soon. I had an outrageously good time on that set! Were both about the same height, and she’s a really sensual being, and very friendly too.

Have you been in any Adult magazines?

Yah, loads of them! Some of the more popular mags you may have heard of like Mayfair, Men Only, Club International, and Australian Penthouse. I have to admit it’s great seeing yourself in magazines!

Do you travel much for work?

Yes I can get pretty busy at times. I’m shooting an average of 3 to 4 times per week in London, and I’ve shot around Europe in places like France, Spain, and Switzerland. Seems to be getting much busier these days.

You have an amazing physique, how do you keep in shape?

Well, to be honest, the most exercise I get is walking my dog. Sometimes we will go out and get lost for a full day out in the hills though, so we get our exercise in that way. I love going on adventures with my little baby!

Do you have any guilty pleasures you can share with us?

I eat chocolate like its going out of style, pretty much 24hrs a day! Oh and underwear! I love collecting underwear, I have a HUGE collection. Theres a shop I go to in town every once and awhile , and they always have the cutest underwear, so I usually go in and ask the lady for 1 of everything.

Do you enjoy the nightlife?

YES!! I love dancing! Oooops, I guess that counts as a workout, oh and sex too.Haha! I guess I am just staying in shape with my normal routine. But Yes, I like to go clubbing at least twice a week.

Do you have any favorite books your reading at the moment?

YES! 50 shades of Grey—it’s a UK Best Seller right now about a submissive college girl and a rich young high society guy who takes complete control of her. There are quite a few erotic encounters in the book featuring bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism.

Aha, so your a submissive we take it?

Yes, most definitely. I love it when  a guy takes complete control of me too. What I really like to do is play the role of the classy girl who is just being taken over. Love that. Unplanned sex is a biggie in my book too. Turns me on sooooo badly!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve gotten into lately Danielle?

Well, I was at a house party with some friends and some drinks were spilled…..on me! Next thing I know I’m in a threesome in the shower with my girlfriend and another guy. It was really hot!

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