Interview : Danika, before her CosPlay set- Aix France

Had the extreme pleasure of interviewing one of DDF Networks rising stars recently, Danika, and I gotta say once again, Top Notch babe right here folks.

Classy, Cool, Sexy, Fun, Down to Earth, and Sophisticated all at the same time. Within moments I felt like I was talking to an old friend, even a girlfriend. Don’t I wish!! 

I’m sorry but I was a bit dazed with the good conversation and mesmerizing vision on the other end of the screen, but I did manage to conjure up from my bewildered thoughts a few of the interview questions and answers and thought I would share them, along with some stunning backstage photos.

 And one last thing folks, I’ll let you in with a small hint of a Top Secret.

Pretty soon…that could be you giving a Skype Interview with one of our amazing models…more details to come on that soon. Until the next time—Keep it Stiff! 

– Ace DDF

Danika where are you from, you have a very exotic look about you?
Thanks! I’m from the Philippines originally, but I live in Holland now. I love Holland, but I can’t wait to go back and visit P.I. again soon, and someday I’d like to go back and live there.
What brings you to the DDF studios this week?
We have 3 days of shooting. 3 solo sets, and 2 girl/girl sets. I’m working with Subil, a new Russian girl. She seems pretty cool, I can’t wait to get into some juicy action with her. You’ll just have to wait and see how it all turns out 🙂
Do you ever do any guy/girl sets?
At the moment, no. I enjoy being with girls on the camera. Their more fun, and more sensual. However in my personal life, I definitely enjoy guys.
What do you enjoy doing on your free time when your not working?
I love going to the gym, swimming, and definitely sauna time. Pretty much how I keep in shape. I also like going window shopping and just hanging out with friends.
See any good movies, or read any great books lately?
Yeah the last movie I saw was Prometheus. I love science fiction and horror movies. Lots of girls aren’t into that stuff, but I just love it! Would be great to star in some kind of Science fiction Porn movie for sure! I’m also pretty hooked on True Blood, love that show!
As far as books go, I like to read those romance novels. Some of them are very well erotically written, its like a mental orgasm for me.
What kind of foods do you feed that amazing body of yours?
My favorites are Spaghetti and Japanese!
And what would another person have to do to make you really hot, and, ummm, horny?
Well, for me, nothing beats a gentleman. If you treat me like a lady, and make me feel good, that’s a big step in the right direction. I like guys that are a not too aggressive, but not too innocent either… have to know when to be assertive. Someone that’s horny, but sweet, and understands me, that would be perfect.
One thing I like to do to seduce a guy, for instance, is if were having dinner, and I’m really into him and he’s not pushing things to the next level because he’s too shy, well I’ll  just ask him if he wants to go back to his place. Usually works like a charm.
Do you ever masturbate in your alone time?
Most definitely, I have three special toys that do the trick. Depends what kind of mood i’m in. A Glass Dildo, a Maroon one thatwe’ll just call Maroon 5, and Pinky!
Being as incredibly sexy as you are, we have to imagine, are you a  very orgasmic girl?
I would say so. My favorite way to come is when a tongue is going back and forth on my clit like a rattlesnake tongue. A rattlesnake could be fun, but way too dangerous!
And whats your favorite sexual position to really turn the heat up with?
I have two favorites, doggy for sure, and me being on top. I love to ride!
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