Interview : Shannon Reid Rocks it!

Today we had a skype interview with Shannon Reid who is currently at our Studios in the South of France shooting with Denys Defrancesco.

From the moment she came into view on the camera I could tell that she had a movie star quality about her and she was very cool, calm, and comfortable.

A beauty to the core, and seemingly much more mature then her age. Marilyn Monroe was one of the first images that popped into my mind with her wavy blonde hair, fair skin, and mesmerizing eyes.

Her alluring lip piercing adds a certain edge and mystery to her, and once she starts talking military, G.I. Jane all the way. Just an awesome human being whom were very happy to have gracing our sets.

Shannon is most certainly a rising star. I’m definitely a new fan, without a doubt! And from what I hear, she’s working with the incredibly delicious Czech beauty Ashley Bulgari on a House of Taboo set. Were all on the edge of our seats to see what they come up with. One girl will be Dominant while the other will be Submissive. And both girls have gone from Raven to Blonde! I’ll be interviewing Ashley tomorrow as well, so be sure to tune in!

I chatted leisurely with Shannon about her past interview with DDF and I brought up a few questions from that interview that stuck out in my mind to see if we could find out more, and threw a few more in for good measure. Here’s how that went:  – Ace ddf

  • Shannon, so In your last interview you mentioned you want to be in the armed forces, and that you are currently in the reserves. What exactly would you like to do in the military? Yes, totally! It’s actually my dream job. I would like to either be a medic, military police, or in an artillery unit. I think it scares more guys away then attracts them but i’s something I really feel passionate about.

  • How is the porn industry in Ireland? It’s pretty quiet here. It hasn’t caught on like in other countries in Europe. Ireland is a peaceful place with lots of beautiful natural locations. I have to go to other countries to enjoy the wild side of life. I really want to travel everywhere I can, theres so much to see out there. One of my current dreams is to ride a Harley Davidson through Texas!

  • Are you single these days, or dating? Single, but dating. It’s not so easy to find guys who are understanding about my job. They get really jealous. It’s one of the reasons why I only do girl/girl scenes. I figure that’s not cheating, but some guys would disagree.

  • So have you found it hard to meet solid people without them judging you first? Yes, Ive found that if I don’t need to tell people what I do, it’s better that way.

  • You mentioned in your last interview that you wanted to join the “Mile-high” club. Have you accomplished that yet? YES! It was great. It was a while back with my then boyfriend on a plane to the Carribean. It was perfectly exciting, and we didn’t get caught!

  • When did you realize that you wanted to get into the business, and that it’s something that you could feel comfortable doing? Well, when I was in college my friends took me out to a strip bar, and I had a chance to dance there. The owners really liked what how I danced and told me to come back on the weekend. I ended up making a lot of money and really enjoyed it, so I did it all the way through college until the club closed down. It was then that I realized I could go deeper into the erotic arts and make a good living doing it.

  • How where you Pre-college, like in High school? I was pretty into doing things how I wanted. I didn’t care what people thought about me, and just comfortable and happy doing my own things.

  • Whats your favorite type of music? I absolutely love heavy metal, nine inch nails, linkin park, that’s definitely the music that moves me, though I listen to a lot of other music as well.

  • Regarding Orgasms, how hard is it to make you cum, and have you experienced some pretty amazing orgasms? Well, for me it’s very difficult to make me cum, but once you get me there, and hit the right buttons, it’s not hard to keep me going, and even make me squirt. You just have to know how to get there, and that can be different with each person and each circumstance.

  • Do you like to talk dirty during sex? I actually like to talk dirty and tease on the phone, or before the actual act goes into play. Dirty as in, sexy and seductive. During sex though, I like to keep quiet. I find that it helps me focus on getting to my climax, and makes it more intense if i’m quiet.

  • What’s your favorite type of Fetish/Taboo? Bondage for sure. I just love it. With other scenes it can tend to get boring, but with bondage, it’s different everytime and very exciting.

Shannon Reid and Ashley Bulgari at DDF Studios… by DDFProd

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