Interview: Tegan : Happy 4th of July!

I caught up with Tegan a couple of weeks ago while she was shooting in France Aix with Samantha Bentley. Pretty cool personality on her, very cheery and fun. She’s quite new to the Adult business, but seems to be enjoying it to the fullest. She has a 4th of July set releasing on DDF –  1Byday – tomorrow—So I thought it would be cool to read up on her a bit and then watch her go independent on a Dildo! Enjoy 🙂

-Ace DDF

How long have you been in the industry Tegan and how did it come about?

Just about 2 years now, mainly here in the U.K. When I was younger I always wanted to be a model.  A glamour model, so I started doing some modeling, and I really like to feel sexy. To project that is such a powerful feeling. The Adult industry seemed really exciting to me as things progressed, and here I am.

We heard you had a pretty remarkable set with Samantha Bentley.

Yes!! She was amazing and we really connected right away. I havent had many experiences with girls yet, but this definitely solidified my feelings about it. Just amazing. We will also be doing a 3 girl domination set with Paige. Me and Paige will be dominating Samantha, she’s totally looking forward to it.

Do you do any guy/girl sets?

Currently not. I have a boyfriend. He’s okay with me doing girl and solo scenes though.

Are there any fetishes you enjoy?

YES! I love the thrill of being captured. It’s the best way to make me cum. The whole thrill of it is what gets me off!

What’s your favorite position?

Oh Doggy style for sure. But I like to feel that connection first, so missionary is good for that. But once we start going I want to be in the doggy position getting pounded hard and fast. Definitely takes me over the edge!

Do you have any hobbies or interest you can tell your fans about?

Im very flexible from being a gymnast all my life. That works to its advantage in my sets. I also teach gymnastics and dancing. Hip-hop dance, ballet, I love staying active through these physical arts, and they translate really well in bed 🙂

And where do you see yourself in the future?

I’d love to live in Australia, that’s at the top of my list!

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