It’s Tool Time For Lily LaBeau And Eve Angel!


Sometimes when babes this fine get horny together, they have to use whatever is at hand to satisfy each others deepest needs! With young hotties Lily LaBeau and Eve Angel this proved to be the case. Licking each others hot pussies and fingering each other just wasn’t enough. So, why not put a condom on the handle of a hammer for some deep penetration? Why not use a screwdriver handle?

Both Lily and Eve are gorgeous babes. They are young and pretty and have tight, firm and petite bodies. It is totally erotic to watch brunette Eve and blonde Lily start groping each others tits and kissing on each other. Eve takes Lily’s panties down and gives them a sniff, enjoying the sweet, spicy scent of hot wet pussy.

Soon both girls are naked and exploring each others bodies. That’s when naughty Eve takes a hammer and uses it like a dildo or a cock, pushing it up Lily’s juicy love hole. Lily later uses a screwdriver to give her gorgeous lesbian friend a good screwing!

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