Jennifer and Zoe clean up with you

To your amazement, roomates Jennifer and Zoe invite you to their apartment after a night of grinding on your dick at the strip club.  Now, they’re horny and dirty.  When you get there, they invite you to watch them take a bath to get all the smoke and germs off their bodies from a night’s work.  Zoe has been a little bad girl tonight.  She told one of her customers she did 7 dances for him when she only did 4.  Jennifer wants to punish her by giving her a little spanking in the tub.  But it’s all in play.  Smoke and germs are not the only things to “get off” during this long hot bath.  It’s time for you to get naked and get in the tub.  You were brought here for a reason.

You can peer through the bathroom door by clicking on these images.  Or you could get in the tub by signing up for the full gallery and crystal-clear HD video on 1By-Day!

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