Jenny B Gets A Mouthfull


Jenny B is a sexy little blond with a tight body and beautiful brown eyes. She met up with Choky Ice and it ended up in some good old fashioned one on one blowjob action. The two were alone with each other and talking when Choky took Jenny‘s tit in his hand. Jenny isn’t one to complain and started rubbing on Choky’s crotch. Then she took his cock out and started sucking it! Jenny‘s shirt comes off and she really gets into the blowjob. Her skirt gets hitched up around her waist which I was happy about because she has a hot little ass and a nice juicy pussy. Jenny gets under a ladder and sticks her head through the rungs while Choky holds her head and pumps her mouth full of cock. Jenny doesn’t get any bad luck at all, instead she gets a mouthfull of hot cum!

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