Julie Assange-Drool Over This Stunning Newcomer!


What a difference a single letter can make…as well as the substitution of a pussy and tits! Drop the “n” from the name Julian…and substitute an incredible pair of firm boobs, a seductive dark-eyed face, and a curvaceous female body…and instead of pictures of the famous Australian Internet crusader Julian Assange, you have “Julia Assange“, our new fresh face for Thursday 1/20/11!


Her t-shirt dress in the opening of her shoot might read “Who’s That?” now, but you won’t be asking this question for long once you get a look at her slow peel down to black-and-hot-pink bra and panties. With long shapely legs and a nice firm round butt, not to mention cleavage to dive into, our Julia Assange will…

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