Jungle girl tames herself!


Even though she’s posing in a living room, we get a bit of a “jungle girl” feeling from Billy Raise. Why? Because she’s wearing animal print bra and panties, and she has her golden vibrator tucked into the waistband just where any self-respecting vine-swinging heroine from a 1940s jungle comic or movie serial would carry her trusty knife.

Billy heads over to the couch and teases us with her underwear, giving us flashes of her clam before taking the vibe, wetting it with her mouth, and sticking it in her hole. The blue-eyed temptress soon gets rid of her scanties and lets us concentrate on watching her fuck herself with the toy, moving her long shapely legs around in various positions while sliding the buzzy throbber into her pussy.


We get a lot of nice views of her butt too, as she does doggie style with her dildo. Licking her lips as Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews come in close, Billy soon gets lost in orgasm under the shuddering power of her battery-powered dick!


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