Kelley Scarlett and Leanne Crow: Busty Bathing Beauties!


Kelley Scarlett and Leanne Crow are two big breasted British babes who really seem to have taken a liking to each other! This is their second time together, the first was an extremely sexy big boob carwash spectacular. Now they get their giant titties wet and glistening with water in a pool.

Both girls start out in bikinis and they look absolutely incredible with their tops packed full of jiggly tit flesh. Their gigantic orbs bulge out from the stretched to the limit cups of their bikinis in a way that is sure to get a rise out of many a big boobs fan! Playfully the gorgeous twosome splash around in the pool getting themselves nice and wet.


The girls finally take their tops off and we get to see their amazing naked tits. Leanne’s are huge-like two massive balloons full of bouncy pleasure! Kelley’s big tits are beautiful as well, very large with nipples (one pierced) that stand out at attention. Kelly and Leanne play with their racks, squeezing them and mashing them together between their arms so they bulge way out into the sun shine. It’s obvious that these two are out to give everyone a raging hard on!

When these busty and wet hotties get out of the pool and take their bikini bottoms off your going to want to blast a load all over their heaving hooters! Of course the video is filmed with the creativity that has made DDFBusty the number one big tits website. The only thing that could be better than watching Leanne and Kelley together in high definition would be to be there yourself to rub sun tan lotion all over their curvaceous bodies!

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