LaTaya Roxx and Ricky-Big Boob Lesbian Carwash


How would you like to get your car washed by two naked big boobed babes? If I could get that done my vehicle would never be dirty! Now at your favorite big tit website you can at least see a car being washed, and more importantly, some sudsy big boob lesbian fun!

The busty car washers are LaTaya Roxx and Ricky. Ricky is the fair skinned redhead and LaTaya is the dark skinned brunette. Both are very sexy and love to have hot lesbian sex with each other. The horny babes get their tops all wet while washing their car. Their boobs are already bulging out of their shirts in the first place but once they get all wet you’ll be thinking that these girls need a spanking!

They heave each others jiggly boobage out of their tops and get them good and soapy with their big wet sponges. Your going to love seeing all four of their big wet tits mashed against the shiny black car! While having all this fun both girls skirts ride up on their hot asses and we see that neither girl is wearing panties. Soon the wet lesbians are rubbing each others boobs. They lick and suck on each others hard nipples.

It is such a turn on to see these two big breasted hotties having lesbian sex while both of them are wet and soapy. There is just something about the feminine body when it’s glistening with slick soapy water! Ricky and LaTaya both look so good too. To watch these two in action just click on the image below!


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