Laura M Huge Boobs Update


Just last night I was looking through all the great content at DDFBusty and Laura M‘s humongous breasts and thick body naturally caught my eye. I wondered what was going on with the thick, sexy Hungarian and if there would be any more of her videos presented anytime soon. Sure enough, there was another Laura M update today! So, here is a look at her newest photoset and video.

The huge chested BBW sex queen  is just the girl for fans of voluptuous women. She takes off her bra and shows us her massive F cup breasts. Someone squirts lotion all over her natural boobs and she rubs it in making them glisten like they had hot cum smeared all over them. Her juggs are indeed all natural. Before she did her first nude photoshoot in 2001 she had a mammogram done to prove that her tits are made of nothing but soft, jiggly boob-flesh. Here is a good look at them.



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