Super Busty Leanne Crow


Mirror mirror on the wall, are these the biggest boobs of them all? Leanne Crow is back with another sizzling look at her luscious body and massive tits. She begins the fun in a little black top and a tiny see through miniskirt. The top barely contains Leanne‘s amazing boobs. Her breasts are mashed together for a cleavage display that is out of this world!

Gradually we see more and more soft jiggly boob flesh as Leanne removes the top and shows off in her sexy bra. The beautiful brunette smiles radiantly as she gives us a tantalizing bra show. She finally slides the straps down her shapely shoulders and reveals her huge tits. Way more than handfuls Leanne‘s boobs have plenty of soft flesh for playing with, squeezing, sucking on or wrapping around your cock!

Watching herself in a mirror, Leanne fondles her size 34H tits in a scene that is extremely erotic. She strips until all she is wearing is her jewelry and her high heels. Leanne puts on a solo girl performance you will never forget!

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