Lesbian Foot Worship with Silvie Delux and Valentina Rossini

Silvie Delux was wearing a short jean mini-shirt with a low cut tank top. It was about 8p.m. and she was at home alone and bored when her cell phone rang.

“Hello? Hey its Valentina. Oh, hey babe whats up?”

“Nothing much I was just wondering if you wouldnt mind me coming over and hang out tonight I’m so bored and mom and dad are fighting again.
Yea sure come on over.”

As she was waiting for her to come over she sat there and thought of how beautiful she was she had long brown hair, about 5’7″, is 120 pounds, had sexy 34c breast. She had the most dreamy legs and feet. Oh how sexy she was. She realized she was starting to wet and thought about having some fun with her as her friend knocked on the door.

Silvie Delux & Valentina Rossini

“Hey Silvie”
“Hey Valentina”
“Come on in”
(she was wearing a very short mini skirt and a shirt that you could almost see your nipples.)
“So what do you want to do Well i was wondering if we could go in the living room and watch this movie that I brought for us to watch.”
“That sounds cools”

They went into the living room and they sat on the sofa. Valentina asked her what kind of movie it was and Silvie said that it was a surprise. When she pressed play there was two hot girls having lesbian foot worship on the screen.

Silvie Delux & Valentina Rossini

“Oh my god, you like porn?!?!”

“Hell yeah don’t you? it’s so hot to watch two girls having sex, especially when I see them lick and suck their feet and toes.”
“Well come and sit down so we can watch it. ”

It didn’t take long for them to forget about the movie. They started to get really hot. Then she looked over and saw that Silvie was playing with her pussy. At that time Valentina did not know what came over her but she leaned over and stuck her tounge out and started to lick Silvie’s legs up and down. The taste and smell was just like cherries. She then spread her pussy lips and started to fuck her harder with her toungue. She was surprised at first but she knew she liked it by the way she was moaning. OHHH!!! Silvie baby that feels so good. she said. They soon started to suck and worship each other’s legs and feet and eat each other’s wet pussies . With every moan Valentina made Silvie was turned on even more. Valentina was so wet watching Silvie eating her pussy and sucking her toes that she was about to explode…

Silvie Delux & Valentina Rossini

“Oh my god your going to make me cummmmm. said Valentina”
“Do you want me to suck harder. She said”
“Yes baby suck me harder she said”
“she screamed!!!”

Valentina never came so hard. The sight of Silvie worshipping her legs and feet was too much for her….and it was too much for us 😉

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