Making us drool!

6433_m_18Klaudia, also known as Cindy Hope is here once again! Besides looking delicious in her black bra and panties, this lithe lady teases us today with pink marabou mules, a favorite kind of shoe for many a foot fan.

The puffy marabou hangs like clouds over her toes as she reclines on the couch and moves her legs around. Standing up, Klaudia thrusts her feet at us in the mules, then stretches her legs out with her feet in the foreground. As if tempting us with the delights of worship, she licks her own knees, then takes her panties down.

Then she slips off the shoes and teases with her bare feet, wiggling and spreading her toes and then sucking them. Klaudia presents her feet to us as if we’re kneeling at the side of the couch, ready to obey her every whim. She rubs her toes together, briefly entwines the big ones, then alternately splays her toes and curls them, showing us her wrinkly soles.

The cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews shoot up at her as if kneeling down below. Klaudia stretches her legs up, then the angle changes and we get to see her French-pedicured feet straight on. No matter from what perspective you like to see toes served up, you’ll start drooling for Klaudia’s!


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