Melanie Blows The Makeup Man


Melanie got horny when she was having her make-up applied in preparation for a photo shoot. The slender brunette model couldn’t keep her hands from between her legs as the makeup man was standing so close to her. As he gently touched her face brushing powder onto her cheeks she thought about how close his cock was to her. As he tenderly applied gloss to her lips she wondered what his cock would feel like in her mouth.

All these tactile thoughts and sensations was too much for Melanie to bear! She needed to suck cock! The makeup man (Mario) had developed a big erection as Melanie‘s robe had come open, exposing her small tits and wet pussy. He didn’t mind at all when Melanie put his cock in her mouth. Melanie gave Mario a really hot blowjob, sucking until Mario came in her mouth and on her face! There was so much cum it dripped down Melanie‘s chin down to her thighs. She looked really hot and horny licking it off her fingers. See for yourself here!


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