New Joanna Bliss Video At DDFBusty!


Fans of big boobs are going to love Joanna Bliss‘s new video at DDFBusty! The legendary big tits model is looking extremely hot! It seems that her boobs just keep getting bigger and bigger! She most deservedly is this weeks DDFBusty Newsletter Model of the Day and her photos and videos provide some of the most stunning images of huge breasts, plump ass and hot pussy that you’ll ever see!

In this sexy Joanna Bliss installment the buxom brunette starts showing her soft, feminine body in pink and white polka dot bra (size 36H) and panties. From the get-go you’ll know your about to see some awesomely huge boobs! Joanna has lovely all natural jigglers which look amazing bulging out of a bra. When she takes her tits out of the bra you’ll see her delicate nipples and want to do some serious sucking on them!

Joanna strips so you can see every bit of her body. She plays with her heaving breasts so you’ll see them in all kinds of positions and from all kinds of angles. Joanna mashes them together making her nipples stick out, she rubs her nipples together and sucks on them and she swings them around in your face. That’s just for starters! Don’t miss this incredible big boobs treat!

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